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Born and raised in a beach town in sunny South-East Queensland, Australia, Benjamin Provest began his music education in surf clubs and beach hotel lobby’s from an early age. He started playing the violin at age 7, however changed his focus to the guitar the moment he saw a friends older brother playing in the styles of guitar legends such as Eddie Van Halen, Slash and Jimi Hendrix. From the moment he learnt his first chord on the guitar he started writing lyrics and songs. In 2012, after working for a year in a bakery, Ben took his earnings, a handful of songs, and 5 friends to a producer in Brisbane to record an EP and start a band. The band was called ’Benny and The Dukes’, and they received local and national radio play for their EP. They began playing locally and touring up and down the East coast of Australia. Upon graduating from High School he was offered a Creative Scholarship to study at The Victorian College of The Arts, one of Australia’s leading music universities and relocated with his band, ‘Benny and The Dukes’ to Melbourne. Here, Ben formed a pop’s orchestra, played in musicals, local band venues and formed a big band at Australia’s largest residential college, ‘Ormond College’, all while completing his Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts.

After three years in Melbourne, Ben was ready to make the next move. Berklee College of Music had been on the radar since he was a young student. Ben flew to Sydney, auditioned, and was accepted to start in the Spring semester of 2016. Since relocating to Boston, Ben has had his focus on growth as a musician, stretching himself to learn about as many different styles as possible. He has been busy as a side-man, as well as performing new original material in the Boston area. During his recent time in Boston, Ben’s original songs from earlier times have been used as the music score for an original musical, ‘Raffles on Capri’, written, produced and performed in 2016 by a theatre company in Melbourne with Ben as the co-writer and Musical Director. Ben is studying Contemporary Writing and Production at Berklee and will be moving to LA or Nashville upon graduating in the Spring semester of 2018. The quiet sunshine state of Australia seems like a long time ago now, and Ben has no intentions of turning back.

Raffles on Capri is now available on iTunes!

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